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Tesla employees say automaker is churning out a high volume of flawed parts requiring costly rework


Employees say Tesla is grappling with a high amount of flawed parts and rework at its Fremont factory where it makes new vehiclesRead full story


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  • Unlike Toyota and just-in-time manufacturing, Tesla chooses to buck the trend by not stopping the production line for errors. I’m not quite sure how Elon’s engineering mind can ignore this basic tenet of operations?

  • Chris Hsiao
    Chris Hsiao Founder at Gossamer

    Again, heavy industry is really hard. To be an innovative and forward thinking leader is one thing, to get thousands of employees to be at that level, to get the entire supply chain to be at that level, that’s quite another feat. Digital to physical is not an easy transition, and even harder when doing something at scale and quickly. Tesla should reach out to Alan Mulally.

  • Sumeet Shah
    Sumeet ShahBacking brands at Swiftarc Ventures

    When I was in the private equity consulting world, we worked with a lot of industrial companies that had massive rework issues. I'm not entirely surprised that Tesla is also having a problem but I still cannot believe they didn't see this level of faulty parts coming!

  • Flaws? What flaws?! Hey! Let’s go to Jupiter!!!!

  • Syed Abbas
    Syed AbbasProject Coordinator - Business Analyst

    Not good to take short cuts and use flawed parts. In the long run, consumers return to a brand which is reliable. 🚗

  • Perhaps Mr Musk should spend less time at SXSW and more time at the HQ?

  • Rohan Mani
    Rohan Mani

    I don’t see why Tesla acquires magna in order to secure some reliable hardware deals. Comparative advantage is of essence and can ultimately harm Tesla’s capital gains if they can’t out compete alphabet

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