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New Leadership Has Not Changed Uber

By The New York Times

Its business model has always been the same, and it’s always been destructiveRead full story


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  • Turns out Dara was brought in to manage the external image of Uber pre IPO. It’s really Barney Harford who is dealing with he Day to Day ... what does that say? In my opinion it says go for a quick turnaround and cash out. They are clearly not taking their issues seriously ... which has limited consequences as users continue to uber.

  • Peter Green
    Peter GreenFounder at FoodMakers.NYC

    In two words: burn rate. As the author notes, Uber's business model is unsustainable. Investors, drivers and cities have been carrying the cost of Uber's presence, but unless the company can make money off of taxi rides, while not shirking its fiscal and financial responsibilities to drivers and customers, I can't see how it can exist much longer.

  • This is sad to read. Uber was such an innovative company with a future of products and services that could make people’s life easier. It shows you what the wrong leadership and culture can do with the look of the future for a company.

  • Anthony Duignan-Cabrera
    Anthony Duignan-CabreraCEO at ADC Strategy

    Can people stop going on about how "innovative" Uber is? It was a logistics algorithm that was leveraged to undermine regulations for profit with little regard for the greater society. Its culture is permeated with "me first" digital douche 'bro narcissism and we're expected to believe that by cutting off the head, his cohorts have all become nuns? Please. They sold off their SE Asia division to Grab and "failed" to tell Singapore regulators about the deal. They haven't changed.

  • Uber, like Facebook, is famous for asking for forgiveness after the fact and not permission before.

    Whether you agree with the morality of that approach, we should all be wary of the day when Uber can no longer afford the subsidies that is keeping their network above water.

  • Ian Mason
    Ian MasonSocial Media Manager

    This is a biased article but they do bring up some points that are worth mentioning. Uber does need to address congestion internally before regulations are put in place. Clearly it is an issue. Another point that is brought up is background checks for drivers. If they are going to be the market leader in this sector of transportation they need to listen to these criticisms.

  • David Dembowski
    David DembowskiSVP, Media Sales & Business Development

    It’s not like Google invented Search. Far from it. Given time a new company will make it worthwhile for the company, the passenger and the driver. Also think investors expect too much too fast. “If you want a friend, get a dog” - Gordon Gekko

  • This article asserts that the entire business model is the problem. You could this extend this to much of the sharing economy. The suggested fixes are reasonable however.

  • Ramin  Beheshti
    Ramin Beheshti CTO at Dow Jones

    Compelling anti Uber (ride share). The subsidy point is interesting In terms of undercutting not only competition but other forms of transport. And you can’t move in Manhattan for Toyota Prius’s

  • James Bidwell
    James BidwellExecutive Chair at Springwise

    Fascinating article and many similarities with the Facebook saga. PR gloss on the outside but business as usual on the inside. This will not help the Silicon Valley cause which looks on increasingly thin ice....

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