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Adnan Syed case: Appeals court grants new trial in "Serial" case

By CBS News

Adnan Syed was convicted of murdering his former girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 2000Read full story


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  • The nation is divided in two not only by politics, but where you stand on the Adnan Syed case. I’m glad he is getting a retrial, I think it is well deserved. I don’t think anyone should get too excited though. Given the incredibly tiny timeframe from when Hae went missing, Adnan’s physical proximity and their recent breakup, the prosecution will once again not have a difficult time putting together means, motive and opportunity.

  • Max Lockie
    Max LockiePlatform Editor at Quartz

    I was so into Serial this just instantly became the biggest story in the world to me. I hope someone from the Serial team - maybe even Koenig herself - can do more radio stories about the case in progress. This is going to get so much attention now.

  • Jason Noe
    Jason NoeServer at The Tin Pan

    Right on! It’s pretty clear just how shady the detectives were during this entire process. They set their sights on Adnan and never looked back. That systematic tapping during the interrogation recordings of Jay Wilds should have been enough for a retrial. Better late than never though.

  • Karen  Andrews
    Karen AndrewsPodcast Researcher

    I have to admit, this was my gateway case and due to the impeccable storytelling of Sarah Koenig in the first season on Serial I am now an addict. I wonder/hope Koenig will be following this and release some new episodes. I’d love to see her dissect a lot of the misinformation Undisclosed presented.

  • Kelly Ross
    Kelly RossWriter at Momicide

    Ineffective counsel argument for the win. If at first you don’t succeed: appeal, appeal, appeal.

  • Jenna Van
    Jenna VanPodcaster at Sitting Crooked Podcast

    WOW. I honestly thought that despite best efforts this case would never resurface in the system...I binged the entire digest of serial uncertain of Jay and Adnon's involvement but felt strongly something wasn't right sonewhere...

    Even if he is guilt I am glad that the shotty work of his lawyer is being raised to question.

  • Tess Hutchison
    Tess HutchisonFiber Artist at The Geeky Knot

    this is very exciting news. I have followed this case for years and while his guilt is debatable, what is no debatable is that he didn't get a fair trial, a constitutional right. He deserves a new trial, if the prosecution can't prove fairly that Adnan is guilty, he deserves to be a free man.

  • Carly Smith
    Carly SmithEducation Consultant at Self-Employed

    This could be the trial of the decade. So excited to follow and see how it’s covered. Feeling a little nostalgic for Dominic Dunne.

  • Nick Seoane
    Nick Seoane Set Lighting Tech at Film & Television

    Is there anyone left on earth who didn’t listen to Serial? How are they going to get an impartial jury?

  • Having interviewed Rabia Chaudry, I’m thrilled her hard work is paying off. There is legal reasonable doubt here that prevent him from being convicted today. I feel awful for the Lee family that this saga is on-going, and the person who murdered their daughter may never be found.

  • Abdul Muhammad
    Abdul MuhammadCablevision

    wow interesting

  • This was the first podcast I got into. I was so into this case! I am really glad he is getting another chance because I don’t think the first trial was fair at all!

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