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Who Would Survive the Apocalypse: NYC or L.A.? Celebrities Debate

By Vulture

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  • This is fun. “Angelenos would ask a zombie, ‘Do you know who I am?’ New Yorkers would ask, ‘How much will it take for you to look the other way?’“

    My vote goes to Los Angeles, if only for the sad reality that so many people here live in compounds or gated communities with a variety of walls, locks, and barriers of entry. Underground parking decks would also be great places to hide and survive. New Yorkers just don’t have enough spaces…

  • I'm giving New Yorkers the edge here. The amount of teamwork and toleration we have to utilize to get through an average day without slapping each other will serve us well in the End Times.

  • I may live in LA, but my money is on NYC. New Yorkers are a heartier bunch in my experience.

  • I love New York and the people, but you guys are all so close to each other. With LA and all the compounds and land there I’ve got to lean that way. However I did see a 80 year old woman beat some guy over the head with a cane for trying to steal her cab the other day so I don’t know....with that fight in the New York people I start leaning back that way.....tough call. You guys are more than welcome to come to Missouri with me. Zombies will take a while to get here.

  • New Yorkers. No question. Unlike our friends the Angelenos, we won’t try to make a scripted reality show about them.

  • Most people in L.A. are accustomed to being rejected, mocked, and underestimated. We’ll be just fine.

  • If New Yorkers manage not to tear each other limb from limb every time the train gets stuck in the tunnel, I think they could survive the apocalypse. I live in/love LA, but the city seems to break down at even the slightest chance of rain.

  • While I liked the argument that people in LA can go a long time without eating, I feel like NYers are heartier in general, especially when it comes to things that impact the weather.

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