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'Affluenza' mom Tonya Couch 'grateful' for son's release from jail Monday


The term "affluenza" is now synonymous with one Tarrant County mother and son, who found themselves both locked up this weekRead full story


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  • Ethan’s mom tested positive for drugs and is now on her way to jail for violating her probation. It won’t bring peace to the families of the teens who died as a result of decisions made by her terrible son, but it sounds like Karma is trying to work it out.

  • Kelly Ross
    Kelly RossWriter at Momicide

    At least when rapist Brock Turner was shown the white male judicial red carpet sentencing special, he had the courtesy to lay low for a while. This entire family is unbelievable.

  • Tess Hutchison
    Tess HutchisonFiber Artist at The Geeky Knot

    A woman is Texas was recently sentenced to serve 5 years in prison for voting illegally. This man ends the lives of four people and he was initially only sentenced to rehab and probation! The sentence this young man received even after violation probation is an absolute travesty.

  • Doug Rabb
    Doug RabbRetail Manager

    I still can’t believe a psychologist at his trial blamed his irresponsibility on family wealth, calling it "affluenza." This is the reason the juvenile court sentenced him to 10 years of probation only. That’s the sign of a great lawyer but also a very broken legal system.

  • Jason Noe
    Jason NoeServer at The Tin Pan

    I’m really shocked the parents didn’t end up in jail much earlier. It was their lack of parental oversight that lead to the drunk driving & manslaughter of 4 people and paralyzed another. It was his own fathers car,how was he not charged?

  • Nick Seoane
    Nick Seoane Set Lighting Tech at Film & Television

    I hope they’ve figured out that when you run away to hide in Mexico, you don’t go to Puerto Vallarta. What did we learn from Snowden? Venezuela and Russia are your only options, sometimes it’s better to just serve your time.

  • Erin Fleming
    Erin FlemingPodcast host at Redrum Blonde

    This kid obviously had an awful role model in his mother. As much as I love my child, if he mowed down people while drunk, I would insist he pay the price. Not only did she help him flee, but she excused what he did. They’re both awful human beings. No remorse or conscience.

  • There is nothing you could say about this person that would make me believe that what he did was anything less than heinous. He is a criminal, a liar and a rapist there is no reason that could defend him in my mind.

  • Karen  Andrews
    Karen AndrewsPodcast Researcher

    Are we surprised the mother is a drug addict? This is the same woman who moved out of her house and left her 16 year old in the old one to do as he pleased. We’re probably better off if they throw away the keys.

  • Jenna Van
    Jenna VanPodcaster at Sitting Crooked Podcast

    I'm sorry...I couldn't register anything after affluenza. What?! Not knowing right from wrong does not excuse a crime it only influences how the system delivers to consequences. This kid...and those enabling deserve a jail cell.

  • Alex Singh
    Alex Singh

    There is no denying that these type of people do exist in our world. It is the duty of their parents to set them on a right path. The mother of the accused did'nt give him a good upbringing.

  • Nick Vellis
    Nick VellisAuthor at Dig Two Graves: Revenge or Honor

    What creates such an entitled attitude? Clive Hamilton said " ...we seek fullfillment but settle for abundance.

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