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California needs to stop saying everything causes cancer

By Popular Science

You may have heard that coffee gives you cancer. Or that everything gives you cancer—if you live in California. The reason: Proposition 65. California is now on the verge of requiring all coffee shRead full story


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  • New signs at the border;

    California causes cancer. Sunscreen required.

  • Living in CA, the number and frequency of new cancer warnings just become noise. A step forward would be to indicate quantitatively how serious the risk is, like the "ABC" health ratings of restaurants. (For example, perhaps cigarettes would get an 'F' rating but a cup of Starbucks might only get a 'B')

  • I appreciate that California is health-conscious, but agree with this article that these warnings are pretty ridiculous. You'll see one every time you enter a parking garage in California!

  • I think you can live the cleanest life and still develop cancer. Putting labels on things just causes confusion and leads to too much interpretation. People need to use common sense when approaching how they live their lives. All things in moderation. Moderation in moderation.

  • It appears that the plaintiff in this case (the Council for Education and Research on Toxins) is a mysteriously small organization whose lawyer appears to be the only employee and who has filed suits against McDonald's and Burger King for acrylamide in their French fries. Sounds to me like an enterprising lawyer who has deliberately located himself in a state that has a law with an easily exploitable Achilles heel. I'm guessing this will continue until California fixes that Prop.

  • Who can show a single NIH-backed study or SIBR-grant-funded research that proves coffee has a significant risk to cause cancer? Until otherwise, it seems prudent to recognize Proposition 65 remarks as - “Warning: contains hot coffee.”

  • Completely agree with this. The signs are everywhere and uninformative because everyone assumes they were put up for something trivial.

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