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The hidden crisis on college campuses: Many students don’t have enough to eat

By Washington Post

A first-of-its-kind survey finds one-third of college students regularly skip meals and lack stable housingRead full story


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  • Life after the Freshman 15. I see food insecurity even among my culinary students.

  • We've been so focused on the impediments to getting into college—the crazy competition and the rapid escalation in tuition prices—that we've neglected to pay attention to the financial realities for students once they're in. Colleges are in many ways like little cities, and just like lots of people in cities fall through the social safety nets, they will too at colleges. We need more backup plans/creative options for these students so that basic things like eating lunch and doing laundry don't become stretch goals.

  • Oh to be a fly on the wall when Mr. Torres gets his first call from the college telefund.

  • Though I was surprised to read this news, when it comes to my campus, I can easily feel a little bit of expensiveness of food at cafeteria, at least $10. From this, I can imagine some of students need to deal with tough decisions to choose laundry or food...

  • School administration has known this has been going on for ages. Why the across-the-board university practice of advertising of free food to incentivize students to participate in events? Most of the time, the food isn't even good - it doesn't have to be. All it has to be is free.

  • Sad fact due to impossible high fixed costs of higher education

  • When I was in college, I had the meal plan, as it became an affordable option for an entire semester. For $1,100 for 4 months, I had unlimited meals and I always took meals to-go and everything from snacks to all my meals was included in the meal plan. I didn’t always have the freshest meals when I heated up leftovers, but I had a meal to eat. Although universities offer financial aid to eligible students, more proactive partnerships with on-campus dining (typically Aramark), could alleviate some concerns.

  • They have to make education more affordable for everyone. I feel bad for my kids if this is their future.

  • We are pushed into college with the promise of a better life, but it is just simply not set up that way. We apply and go and then are on our own to try to figure out why we cannot eat afford simple things and then three answer is always increase financial aide. Then we graduate and the 25% (just a number not a static) increase we get in wages goes to paying off that student loan over the next 30 years. Students need real assistance, knowledge, and perspective of what will have them.

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