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The NFL’s plan to protect America from witches | Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

By Guardian (US)

The NFL’s cheerleader problem shows exactly what’s wrong with the league’s management: They insist on being the self-appointed guardians of America’s mythological vision of itself Witches, man. JusRead full story


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  • Jing Cao
    Jing CaoQuartz

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 🎤 drop gif please.

    “A cheerleader poses in modest lingerie and she’s fired; a player knocks out his wife on video and is suspended for two games. Boys will be boys, but girls must be what the NFL tells them to be.”

    The plight of NFL cheerleaders is perennially ignored. Men and women alike look down on them: men objectify them and women think unkind thoughts. It’s easy to forget they’re doing what all of us are doing: a job. Anyway, just read this. KA-J puts it way better than I can.

  • Sumeet Shah
    Sumeet ShahBacking brands at Swiftarc Ventures

    It pains me to say this, but it's getting ultimately hard for me to watch NFL games anymore due to the consistent mistreatment of personnel on all levels. It's even more sad that this story about cheerleaders is yet another layer on this mess.

  • Peter Repucci
    Peter RepucciAssociate at Riverstone Holdings

    Wow - an epic smackdown delivered by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the NFL's hypocrisy and poor treatment of its cheerleaders. Particularly the Saints - I had no idea Saints cheerleaders were subjected to that kind of demeaning code of behavior and I hope they're the exception, not the rule (though I doubt it). This also connects to Raiders cheerleaders being criminally underpaid. The NFL needs to rethink its treatment of and approach toward cheerleaders.

  • Art Busch
    Art BuschFree-Lance, Pro Bono Observer

    I'm all for owners doing away with cheerleaders in general. I'm certain they will if this becomes an "issue". It's got to be a great weekend job for some, but the price paid by the ladies to indulge looks like it may outweigh the rush of performance for some. If so, walk away. Simple. Cheerleaders aren't even windowdressing at this point for NFL owners and may become very disposable. The NFL has much bigger issues to address than this.

  • Jeremy Gerard
    Jeremy GerardJournalist

    Here’s a total skyhook of a column from the great Kareem.

  • Addressing all of this is a potential easy win for a league that really needs one. What is wrong with people?

  • Thierry  Dominique
    Thierry Dominiqueweb designer at BSITE

    Great takedown of NFL hypocrisy by Kareem.

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