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5 Truths About Artificial Intelligence Everyone Should Know

By Inc

Is AI an existential threat or existential benefit? A new documentary explores the issueRead full story


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  • Very good summary of the key issues around AI and why now is a critical time for bringing diverse voices into the conversation.

  • David Yakobovitch
    David YakobovitchAI Professor at Galvanize

    I think AI could be both an existential threat and an existential benefit. It depends both on your skillsets and on your physical-digital assets.

    In Accenture’s newest book, Human + Machines, the authors argue that society can create new jobs by augmenting humans with machines. This will require emotional intelligence where companies think to build partnerships. Rather than consider how to simply save costs, companies are urged to consider how to redeploy a workforce to create AI-first companies.

  • Takuma Kakehi
    Takuma KakehiProduct Manager at Quartz

    Emotional AI is a good one. I can imagine AI would do even better job making humans fall in love- with its deep understanding in human emotions and limitless time to care dedicate. Just like Spike Jonez' "her" and "ex machina".

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