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Central Park is going car-free

By Curbed NY

Cars will be banned from most park roads starting in JuneRead full story


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  • Back in 2014, a proposal was created to replace the horse-drawn carriages with these electric-powered Model T replicas. They are gorgeous and totally make sense; it's unfortunate that it never got to the end. Maybe it somehow can be reinstated?

  • Great news for those of us who use the park regularly.

    Now we only have to dodge the occasional cyclist trying to break the speed barrier.

  • This has been a dream since I was a kid growing up in Manhattan!

  • I've never lived in New York, but I imagine the constant presence of cars would feel overwhelming sometimes. Congrats Mr. de Blasio, glad to hear this news.

  • Big cities are moving away from human driving vehicles. When a vehicle can injury a pedestrian, it becomes a liability. The choice for Central Park to become vehicle free is aligned with the new urbanization taking hold in New York City. Time square has continued to modernize with greater pedestrian access. The city of tomorrow will be one driven by both artificial intelligence and smart roads on a smart grid. It’s about time our cities start reshaping their planning for tomorrow.

  • But they'll still have horses....

  • What wonderful news! Smoke free, car free...the park is a gem and it becoming more and more a people’s park.

  • Sherlock Holmes on horses: “dangerous on both ends and crafty in the middle.”

  • One down!

    Next, let's see if Car Free Day (Sat or Sun) will be pushed through. Following the example of even busier cities around the world like Tokyo and Hong Kong.

  • Makes sense

  • Olmstead (one of the park’s architects) repeatedly objected to any modifications proposed by the government of New York City, lest they ruin the overall landscape of the park.

    He was furious when they later added a road through the park for the wealthy to race their horse carriages.

    Cool to see that the current NYC administration is actively working to restore the original vision of Central Park.

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