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Ford is basically a truck company now

By Quartz

Your brand-new Ford Taurus is about to become a collector’s item. As part of its first-quarter earnings report posted today (April 25) Ford announced thatRead full story


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  • If I could convince Americans to blow $60k on a quarter-ton pickup with pleather seats, I’d probably be in the truck business too.

  • They make pretty dam good trucks though. I guess they are playing to their strengths!

  • This isn't as big a deal as I initially thought. Beside the Mustang and Focus, Ford only has a few other car models. Taurus... Fusion... Fiesta?

  • Hmm. What if gas prices suddenly jump?

  • Look on the bright side: With more and more wealth being concentrated upward to fewer and fewer people, and more people owning trucks, it will be easier to find friends to help out when moving to that smaller, more affordable apartment across town.

  • The Ford F-Series has been the best selling truck (and one of the best selling automobiles in general) in America year after year. This is still shocking to see them cut out so many models but it's totally understandable. From this to slashing their marketing budget (and putting their account, long owned by WPP's Global Team Blue, up for review) show some really serious changes coming.

  • Ford is becoming a mobility company with lots of work in autonomous vehicles as well.

  • Ford is playing a dangerous game with their brand. This will either work wildly, or fail miserably.

  • With rising gas prices and interest rates this is a best a fools gambit. But this is only a press release so if car sales keep up they may back away from this decision. They need to keep up with consumer demand I understand but they also need to keep a versatile portfolio for when those consumer preferences change.

  • Ford cuts it's line of cars down to TWO!

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