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Trump Sets North Korea Summit for June 12 in Singapore After Greeting Freed Americans


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  • Singapore is the perfect location for the summit, and certainly better than an American president coming to Kim Jong-un. This meeting is being set up to be a success, at least for both sides to be able to frame small agreements as large victories. The trick will be sticking to those agreements after the summit is over…

  • Groom Dinkneh
    Groom DinknehVP, Business Development at GoLocker

    A verifiable sign of the positive road ahead or smoke and mirrors? I can’t quite wrap my head around the diplomacy this likely required but all told praise was due and given to the President for this break through with the North Korean regime.

  • Jarret Berenstein
    Jarret BerensteinComedian | Author | Producer

    Imagine you just got freed from North Korea, you've had zero access to the internet, and you're greeted by President Donald Trump. I would be confused as fuck.

    "Thanks, but I was hoping you'd release me to the America from my original dimension? Is that possible?"

  • Could be the single biggest disappointment or opportunity of the year! Singapore as the location is fascinating to see the diplomatic implications of this and broader consequences.

    PETERSON TEIXEIRACEO at Peterson Teixeira Company

    Nice. Fake world peace about to solidify sooner than expected.

  • Terry Denver
    Terry Denver

    Mr. Lipscy, just how close to war with NK did this administration bring us? Could it be even closer than the previous administration/s did/have done by making themselves ridiculously wealthy through secret missile and uranium deals? You should know, being a political science expert.

    Oh! Jarret the comedian... not funny.

  • Well I know what date I’m NOT flying to Singapore 😒

  • James Simpson
    James Simpson

    Exciting times. As much as I’m sceptical of it all, I really hope true progress results from this.

  • Ron Kensey
    Ron KenseyBusiness owner

    President Trump is the kind of guy who will make friends with Kim Jun Un and invite him, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and China’s president Xi Jinping to Mar-A-Lago for a round of golf. The world will be a safer place.

  • Harvey Eastep
    Harvey EastepHandy Man at Self employed

    I love you Trump haters(picks)Its so Obvious your blinded by non empirical hate and conditioned by your News.I personally had to overcome the loss of my beloved news channel ,Just to Prove the P.O.T.U.S. wrong.I did the leg work and I changed how I listened to my news and Embarked on doing my own research.

    my information is not buried in an opinion of an opinion locked in " ".Have a great day.

  • Julia Ghnaimat
    Julia Ghnaimat

    I think Singapore is the perfect place to have their meeting, looking forward to see what happens

  • Mike Stevens
    Mike Stevens

    Fake news!

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