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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to tell European Parliament: 'I'm sorry'


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will make an appearance before European Parliament to address steps the social network will take to protect users' data in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandalRead full story


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  • Given the current busy atmoshphere in the EU with Brexit, refugees, Iran deal and many more, I am skeptical the EU is going to do more than say ‘you are fine!’

    The EU doesn’t need to start a conflict with big US tech companies.

  • Remember that Zuckerberg’s goals here are: 1) Don’t completely piss of the public (his user base) and 2) Gain the favor of regulators so he can play a role in writing the next wave of legislation. In this context, apologizing seems like a brilliant move to me.

  • I’ll take a page from my mom’s book...”just saying you’re sorry isn’t enough, it’s your actions to be better that matter most” he could say sorry to every country in the world. What’s important is that he leads and does everything possible so a lot of these things don’t happen again.

  • Congress gave him a pass because, useless. But it would be refreshing to see the EU grow a pair and give him the smackdown he deserves, especially after Facebook's laughable attempt to abide by GDPR.

  • I'm sorry for exposing all your evil Globalist plans European Union. Sorry for exposing your corruption lies, and criminal activity. Sorry that the English grew a pair and decided to leave your corrupt useless union. I wonder if his apology will go something like that ?

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