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Amazon Prime Whole Foods discounts go nationwide

By TechCrunch

Amazon introduced 10 percent savings at Whole Foods for Prime members earlier this month, and today it kicked off a nationwide expansion of the initiative. The Prime Whole Foods discount — one of aRead full story


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  • 10% off my organic avocados? I would sign up for Prime if I wasn’t already a member. $1,200 of groceries at Whole Foods isn’t difficult to spend, after which it would pay for my annual Prime membership. How can anyone else compete with discount avocado toast?

  • I think this a phenomenal benefit to make a win-win for Amazon and its Whole Foods subsidiary. Similar to how I receive free Twitch Prime benefits, Prime is continuing to become more valuable every day. Now if only Amazon integrated Audible into its main platform. 😉

  • Nice... I'm a Prime member of both and I know not a little Japanese people (of course living in Japan) have account to read paperback on Kindle or to buy something special which is available only in US. I think world wide expansion of Prime services could even increase the number of US Prime members.

  • I wonder how many Whole Foods customers get Prime just for the discounts. Seems worth it!

  • Prime customers across the entire U.S. to get discounts at Whole Foods and Whole Foods Market 365 stores by the end of this summer.

  • The free delivery on top is nice. What if they could automate grocery shopping for us? It may take over services like Blue Apron, Plated, or Hello Fresh.

  • Amazon is slowly taking over the world!

  • I guess almost of all Whole Foods royal customers will be Prime members. And this strategy would be possible to apply to other industry like apparel etc.

  • I am a Prime Member and each year I definitely get my monies worth, love Amazon Fresh. I probably would be considered a food snob as I have shopped at Whole Food ,Trader Joe’s and Publix for years, for the service and the quality of products. What I found through price comparison was that the low priced grocers are lower for their store brand or off brand not name brands. And for me there are noticeable differences in the quality of certain products.

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