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Trump puts 25% tariff on Chinese goods

By BBC News

President Trump unveils 25% tariffs on $34bn worth of Chinese goods, accusing Beijing of intellectual copyright theftRead full story


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  • One day China’s a friend, the next it’s a foe. If it’s hard for you to keep up, just imagine how the Chinese feel. If the US administration isn’t careful, this trade spat has potential to turn into a trade war.

  • China has been soaking the US for years. It’s high time we had someone who stands up for the US and evens the playing field.

  • I agree with the guy who said "Trumpis willing to throw a punch at the boy band leader of Canada if it gets a farmer in Wisconsin a better deal for his dairy." The President is playing on our team now. The great Presidents do that.

  • Please President Trump, keep tariffs, It is only fair! and don’t allow them to take advantage of us any longer! Thank you!

  • trump said if China plays ball on NK, then he can look the other way on trade. I hear the Chinese wanted to hold him to that, and are really put out about this.

  • Has he ever really stood upon what he has promised, unless of course it is separating nursing infants from Hispanic parents who might be trying to migrate/immigrate to the ‘land of promises’; however illegal any part of the immigration/migration campaign might be?

  • It’s about time we have a President with the guts to do this.

  • Nothing complex, especially electronics is made in any one place. He keeps poking a stick into a perfectly good economy.

  • Pres. Trump just needs to call the ZTE thing out and tell the Chinese to play ball or "ZTE" will be the next Cadillac moniker... Also I think it's ok to have multi-level discussions with countries. I do it with my children, I think we can do it with other countries...

  • The presumed end goal is for "fair trade". Raising tariffs or the prospect thereof, can be a negotiating stsrtimg point.

    Short term pain for lomg term solution.

  • Trump will soon be impeached

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