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Republicans are 'running for the hills' instead of confronting Trump: GOP lawmaker who lost in primary

By Business Insider

Republican South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford says he believes members of his own party are afraid of President Donald Trump. Sanford said Republican leaders are "running for the hills" to avoid confRead full story


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  • Maranatha Kure
    Maranatha KureFounder at Olive Arts

    GOP lawmakers against Trump have to realize they are playing a different game. If the Democrats tear on Trump personally, they win. It's popular with their base. If a Republican does it, not so much. They should rather focus on the issues and disagree with him there. And there's a lot of substance to disagree with him over. That they are anti-Trump candidates is itself an issue. They define themselves by what they are against, and not what they are for.

  • Harvey Eastep
    Harvey EastepHandy Man at Self employed

    wow!!!!!Something big is coming.To see the media be in sync with each other means thier about to bury something.TIME TO CHECK AM RADIO NEWS.

  • sherry foreman
    sherry foremanAustin ISD and Favor

    While we still have to deal with the antiquated electoral college in our Presidential election, that’s not the case in other elections; therefore a healthy reminder that the MAJORITY of Americans did not (and certainly will not in 2020) want the likes of Trump in office. I think it’s safe to say that nationwide we will see big changes in all upcoming elections!

  • Doug Parker
    Doug Parker

    Antiquated? Worked as intended! The electoral college was set up to keep one area view, as in NY and LA from ruling the country with their views. This country is more than liberal NY CITY, and Los Angeles!

  • Rena Leibowitz
    Rena LeibowitzMuse at None


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