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Ask NewsPicks' Founder Anything: Why I'm Acquiring Quartz

By NewsPicks

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Yusuke Umeda, CEO of Uzabase and the founder of NewsPick


  • Can’t wait to see what comes next. The community piece of the equation has been great to see grow.

  • This is my personal message to the NewsPicks community in the US. I have been extremely proud to have you all be the first people to join us on this journey. Without your support, we wouldn't be here today and I look forward to seeing all of your excellent commentary for many years to come!

  • Very exciting to think about these two media businesses working together—with their combination of business models, audiences and talent.

  • Great to get the inside track on the acquisition.

  • I am excited to see this community grow even more. I have come to rely on Newspicks for its great curation of news and the ensuing insightful comments made by its smart users. Congratulations Yusuke.

  • I’ve had an opportunity to spend time with Yusuke, and his vision for business news is inspiring. The acquisition of Quartz gives a hint of where his ambitions point - with more to come.

  • Congrats Yusuke & NewsPicks/Quartz teams! I think the two teams are an excellent fit and I’m excited for the future of not just business news, but all news.

  • So many questions! Will there be a paid tier that blends Quartz content? Or will Quartz journalism appear on NP first, as a sort of early-news advantage for the NP community? I love the simplicity of the interface, but what’s the plan to scale the community? Will there be more profile options, and analytics?

  • Hi! Congratulations on the acquisition! Such a beautiful company. I saw that you would like to expand the business globally. Do you have any coming plan for Europe specifically?

  • This is so exciting! Looking forward to NewPicks’ next chapter!

  • This is why I started Cheddar. I didn’t think there was any high quality live business news product for the next generation. No innovation or new entrants in decades. And yes, Twitter and Facebook don’t solve this.

  • I actually use both Newspicks and Quartz regularly. I'm looking forward to seeing what will stem out of this acquisition

  • Congratulations! Excited and anticipating to see what’s in store!

  • Thank you for sharing your insight and vision! I look forward to NewsPicks’ community growing and to this new chapter. Congratulations, Chairman Umeda-san!

  • Key talent, consumer needs and product developments are well aligned for this organization. I’m enjoying this app, and look forward to turning attention back to Quartz as a reliable source of news.

  • In Japan, newspicks community is rich in diversity.

    Some user find job, some user find new business and there is not only official communitis but unofficial communities.

    I look forward to how US newspicks communities developing.

  • Looking forward to the “subscription” — definitely a fundamental piece for developing a community of information today. We’re right at the period of time that can redefine how a community and its trust system work.

  • Embodiment of why I love Newspicks and the great hope I have in its future, thank you for the honesty and passion you bring as founder and leader.

  • He has the grit, the power of passion.

  • Congratulations on the excellent partnership!

    I strongly agree your comment, “the two key words for the future of the media business are “community” and “subscription.””

    I would like to actively use English version on top of the Japanese version to catch up global tech/media trends with a hope that NewsPicks could be a promising solution to bridge the gap of global filter bubble around innovative tech trend news.

  • I am so excited what comes next to our world.

  • This is great, congrats and I am happy to be a part of this early process. What a great idea that will surely expand if watered correctly.

  • Congrats Yusuke, this is awesome!

  • I am using newspicks Japanese edition, from the early stage of this service, congratulations!

  • I really hope NewsPicks community in US make a healthy grow, without compromised by internal propaganda-promoters who creates “burnable” articles or promotions to agitate division and confrontation to get PVs and believers, which is now happening in NewsPicks Japanese version.

  • Interesting site with provative comments on a variety of topics

  • Good stuff. How were you able to finance this?

  • Congratulations on the Quartz acquisition Yusuke San, it’s a bold move and I am looking forward to seeing how you develop your model in the US. My question is, what does this mean for your venture with Dow Jones?

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