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Lyft buys the company behind CitiBike, announces Lyft Bikes

By Engadget

Just as we expected, Lyft is moving beyond cars with its next big acquisition. The company announced this morning that it has bought Motivate, the firm behind NYC's CitiBike and Chicago's Ford GoBiRead full story


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  • I finally tried the electric Jump bikes (now Uber-ed), and what a revelation! SF hills: no problem. Never broke a sweat. Sure, feels like cheating re exercise, but how can electric bikes not be the future of urban transport? Try it, if you haven’t, wherever you are. For real.

  • While others look to scooters, Lyft goes for bikes. I think this is really indicative of Lyft’s business culture. They’re not buying into the hype, instead focusing on long term sustainability.

    I’d bet on Lyft here.

  • What a day for news!! Lyft has officially acquired Motivate, the parent company of CitiBike. I wonder when the whole rebadging will start and finish.

  • So Lyft owns Citibike now. Let's see if we can get a few more docks near the NewsPicks office.

    Honestly, I'm a daily CitiBike user and other than more bikes available during peak times -- I can't imagine the service really getting much better. So here's hoping that Lyft doesn't mess it up.

  • In china, main objective of bike sharing companies is gathering daily payment information rather than revenue/profit from bike sharing business. As for ride sharing companies, if they can get last one mile transit information, it might be great data asset.

  • Now Lyft has credit card account data about two segments. It's game change.

  • This wins the Yes That Makes Total Sense award! Wonder what the margins are like in the bike biz?

  • Please, please let this take off nationally (and not be squashed by the Koch brothers). We need affordable and diverse methods of transportation in the US, so that the poor have more opportunities for viable employment when reliable car ownership is not an option.

  • Not sure where Lyft is going with this in terms of plans...they always seem to be second place to Uber, hopefully expanding towards other ideas can allow them to have more control on transportation and in return improve all our lives in the cities.

  • The optimist in me envisions Lyft’s grand Mobility-as-a-Service intermodal strategy, seamlessly connecting Cars, 750 Stations and 12000 bikes.

    The pessimist in me says “ Uber just bought one too”

  • I wonder how the protocols of using the newly rebranded bikes will differ from the CitiBike model when it’s all said and done?

  • It seems natural and a very position worthy opportunity.

  • Seems like a smart move and bound to be popular in places like the Bay Area, where eco-friendly lifestyles are popular.

  • Bikes, the next frontier

  • Cool

  • Good idea...sans the pink mustaches

  • i hope these vc guys know what they’re doing. a valuation of $15.1 billion?!! gonna take a lot of bike rides......

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