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Starbucks Bans Plastic Straws, Winds Up Using More Plastic


A Reason investigation reveals that the coffee giant's new cold drink lids use more plastic than the old straw/lid comboRead full story


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  • Vidya S.
    Vidya S.

    "Yet missing from this fanfare was the inconvenient fact that by ditching plastic straws, Starbucks will actually be increasing its plastic use. As it turns out, the new nitro lids that Starbucks is leaning on to replace straws are made up of more plastic than the company's current lid/straw combination."

  • Maranatha Kure
    Maranatha KureFounder at Olive Arts

    Interesting. I think the Starbucks logic was that the new lids were recyclable and thus could have a good net effect on their environmental footprint. Although at present the level of recycling is not great, according to the article, that is a next step issue.

  • Christiane Delazeri
    Christiane Delazeridarkila at freelancer

    Doesn't sound true, just think ok someone did notes about lid weight with straw, the old, and the new nitro lids, and is saying that because more weight consequently has more plastic, weight is not just the data to be considered, and what about the compounds and new materials used on the new lid, maybe 50% is a recycled material. So you can't assume that has more plastic considering just one variable.

  • charlie l
    charlie lself at me

    I wondered about this a little bit. Straws don't use that much plastic, but I can understand trying to get rid of them. However, the new lids did look a lot more advanced and Design. That normally means that they're going to use more product to make them. personally I think the amounts are going to just about equal out. But, I'd have to look at the numbers.

  • Tia Walsh
    Tia Walsh

    I just saw the new lids and I thought they looked a bit large to be eliminating plastic but this article confirms it. but then what's the solution if paper or plastic still causes pollution and reusable just isn't practicable for everyone's lifestyle, then where do we go from here? or is the srawless life enough to calm the radical environmental monsters for now.

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