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Jeff Bezos Becomes the Richest Man in Modern History, Topping $150 Billion

By Bloomberg

Jeff Bezos is the richest person in modern history


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  • Kings, Sultans, Railroad tycoons, and Jeff Bezos, who figured out how to become an online merchant better than anyone else. He’ll end up spending all his money in space.

    What a time to be alive.

  • Always puzzled by these net worth rankings. High ranking means you decided not to give away more of your net worth to charity. That is something to be glorified? Better ranking would be current net worth + lifetime charitable giving.

  • I’d be a lot more impressed if this read “Jeff Bezos Donates the Necessary $30 Billion of His $150 Billion Fortune to Ending World Hunger.”

  • In 1000 years I wonder if he'll be remembered as a 'prominent bookseller'

  • The boggling question; is this fortune destined to him or is he destined to it? dose he realize this ... good for him!

  • The kind of news that always seems to land on a Monday morning.

  • I hate to burst his bubble, but he's still #2 next to Vladimir Putin's estimated and secreted $200 B.

    Though we can still say that Bezos is the wealthiest through *legitimate* business practices.

  • Jeff still has a way to go to be the richest man in history.

    Mansa Musa, Henry Ford, Jakob Fugger, and Marcus Licinius Crassus among others all hold heavier crowns.

  • That’s a lot of low-margin sales.

  • Oh on the same day, Amazon website crashes on its own prime day. What’s the takeaway? Money can’t buy everything...

  • There’s still no “philanthropist” whenever his name is written in articles so I’m assuming he isn’t giving enough to charities unlike Bill Gates.

  • The number of Amazon Prime member in Japan is fewer than other country. So,I think amazon has chance to grow.

  • Lots to admire here. He built a company that delivers value and service to the masses. He didn’t inherit his fortune, he made it himself. He now is supporting journalism via the Washington Post. What will he do next?

  • An article with the most amount of the word “billion” in it.

  • But is he happy?

  • It is true that the families that earn the top 1% of the wealth in the United States control 38% of the wealth while the bottom 90 % control 22.8%.

    Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon broke 150 billion mark. He is now the richest man in the world.

  • That was only a matter of time and only going to increase. Credit to his long-view approach to building.

  • Haves & have nots, sky’s the limit 😇👀😎

  • I always respect him, so he countinue to invest his company money for gettig new technologies with complaints of other people, but I worry about AI, automatic society in the near future, so mayby we have to need communities of interactive each other in the future.

  • In 1980’s, Japanese Tsutsumi or Mori was the most richest person. They have many real estates in Japan. But, after bubble economy in 1990’s, our Japan can’t create new values especially software. It’s said to be the ‘lost 20 years’ and we have many problems even now.

  • It’s astonishing to me how these lists are made when there are people much wealthier than billionaires. There are trillionaires ! Why are the Rothschilds for instance omitted from these lists?

  • The labour practices in his company degrade him and those who hoard wealth and abandon the genuine and cringing needs of humanity and the planet. Our culture’s giddy support for such super rich icons is a betrayal of the human heart. Nevertheless, I remain an embarrassed prime member.

  • Retail for Century 21.

  • Creating jobs and innovation as well as investing new technologies and business is much wiser and forward-looking than just giving away money

  • To be sure, he will not make more money on the cave submarine idea!

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