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🌍 Elon’s Twitter deal

Elon Musk made a $40 billion bid to buy Twitter

Elon Musk talks to reporters
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Here’s what you need to know

Elon Musk made a $40 billion bid for Twitter. He already owns nearly 10% of the company, but wants the rest in a takeover that is more about control than free speech.

Europe is drafting a ban on Russian oil. EU officials so far have been hesitant to implement a ban given some countries’ reliance on the fuel.

Russia will push back if Sweden or Finland joins NATO. A Russian official threatened to build up military presence in the Baltic Sea if either nation joins the Western alliance.

Singapore’s finance minister is slated to become the country’s next leader. The ruling People’s Action Party endorsed Lawrence Wong to succeed prime minister Lee Hsien Loong.

The UK plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. A new proposal would send migrants who arrive to the UK without proper documentation to Rwanda, no matter their country of origin.

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What to watch for

Miami Tech Week begins Saturday, kicking off a week of house parties and happy hours for the investors and entrepreneurs who have descended on South Florida during the pandemic. Last year, the Tech Week was a loose collection of events organized on Twitter by enthusiastic transplants eager to mingle. This year, it has become (a little) more formal: Organizers are asking guests to reserve tickets that start at $400, to hear from speakers like venture capitalist Keith Rabois, Miami mayor Francis Suarez, and “many more” who have not yet been announced.

The event’s transformation dovetails with Miami’s growth as a tech hub. Last year, the city’s tech scene ballooned thanks to a massive gust of hype and hot air on Twitter. Now, a year later, Miami is trying to consolidate its gains and establish itself as a lasting startup hub.

The likelihood of Musk buying Twitter

Elon Musk making a face
Image copyright: Reuters/Mike Blake/File Photo
Elon Musk is not on the Twitter board but he’s still the company’s largest shareholder.

One question that may come up during Miami’s tech week: Will Musk actually buy Twitter? If one of the platform’s earliest investors had his way, the likelihood of that happening would be 0. “Twitter is too important to be owned and controlled by a single person,” Fred Wilson said. He’d rather see the opposite, with Twitter being decentralized.

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Putin’s “win-by” date

Officials in the US and Ukraine are signaling that an intensified assault from Russian forces is coming ahead of May 9, the day Putin wants to claim a battlefield victory over Ukraine. Historically, the day is a big deal for Russia: it marks the 77th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany.

What will actually count as a win for Putin is unclear. What’s certain is any haste to meet a May 9 deadline will mean more Russian brutality in the short-term.

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Sponsor content by  Plaid
Join us at Plaid Forum. Get ready to live stream Plaid Forum 2022 on May 19. Join the world’s leading companies and build the future of digital finance. Registration is now open!

Surprising discoveries

A piece of “invisible art” sold for $1.2 million. A receipt by French artist Yves Klein is being called the first NFT.

But an NFT of Jack Dorsey’s first tweet only grabbed a $280 bid. After going for a whopping $2.9 million last year, its resale value plummeted.

Should your dog go vegan? Studies say it’s healthy! But jury’s out on if trendy restaurants really need a pet menu.

Dome-nest birds may be doomed. While nests with some cover are an architectural feat, scientists say simpler homes make more adaptable birds.

Wall Street interns are raking in cash. Trying to attract young talent has some banks offering interns more than $16,000 per month.

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