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COPY: The Rundown

What you need to know at a glance.

Published This article is more than 2 years old.
  • Your company’s gone digital—now what?

    End-to-end systems help your company stay in a position of constant readiness.

    • Only 7% of survey respondents from Accenture’s 2020 Journey to Operations Maturity report are “future-ready.”
    • Moving operational maturity from predictive to future-ready increases profits 5.8% and efficiency gains 18.8%.
    • In three years, Accenture expects sectors like automotive, insurance, and banking to leap ahead.
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  • Future-proof your digital ops

    Relying on incremental improvements is an easy way to get left behind.

    • Know the ultimate goal. Start at the end, think big, and then outline the bold moves that will help you get there.
    • Know the key steps. Increasing your operational maturity requires automation, augmentation, and using better data.
    • Know how to leapfrog levels. This happens through flexibility, collaboration, and the ability to deliver at scale.
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