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Life on the edge

Transform your business from edge to cloud.

  • Busting out of silos

    Right now, a handful of companies control most of the world’s data. That’s changing. By 2025, an estimated 80% of all data will move away from monopolized data systems into decentralized centers, or “the edge”. In their wake: massive data growth and untold possibility.

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  • Unlocked opportunities

    More data means more precise insights, which means a clearer path to revenue. In the transportation industry alone, research estimates that car-connected data could lead to a cool $400B in incremental value.

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  • There’s the rub

    So why haven’t companies headed for the hills in search of data gold? 

    1. Maturity: They don’t have mature enough systems to capture and capitalize on the data they have 
    2. Monopolies: A handful of companies already own the data, so they’re locked out or forced to pay 

    Herein lies the promise and power of decentralized data systems. Like the blockchain, valuable information is shared by and for the masses.

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  • The Network Effect

    Swarm learning is one way to share the data bounty with everyone. Inspired by flocks of birds and schools of fish, swarm learning uses AI from data collected on the edge to train the given model. By removing the need for a central leader or source, it simulates a network effect while avoiding silos and hoards.  

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