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Enterprise-Grade Mobility

Published This article is more than 2 years old.
  • Health screening

    The Covid-19 pandemic changed the trajectory of telehealth—maybe forever.

    • 70%: Surveyed doctors who say they will use telehealth more after trying it during the pandemic (via QZ)
    • 95%: Health centers able to provide telemedicine care during Covid, compared to 43% in 2019 (via CDC)
    • 238%: 2020 increase in US telehealth investments (via QZ)
    • 443%: Expected growth in mental health teletherapy in the next five years (via QZ)
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  • Secure Connections

    Access Physicians, a division of SOC Telemed, is a leading telemedicine physician group, serving hundreds of hospitals in 24 states.

    In 2020, with Covid-19 lockdown orders in place, enterprise-grade mobility from AT&T Business helped 600+ doctors from Access Physicians treat virtual patients via telemedicine carts and tablets connected to both Wi-Fi and cellular, for reliable network redundancy. 

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  • Enterprise-grade connectivity

    Access Physicians, a division of SOC Telemed, brings dedicated specialists to hospitals of any size using telemedicine. During the Covid-19 pandemic, they used enterprise-grade connectivity from AT&T Business to enhance telemedicine in three ways:

    Reliable connectivity

    Promoting redundant connections between patients and physicians.

    A Bring-Your-Own-Device model

    Turning anybody’s tablet, phone, or computer into a telemedicine portal.

    Covid Rapid Response programs

    Training other providers in telemedicine, thus expanding nationwide healthcare accessibility.

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  • Just the beginning

    With enterprise-grade mobility from AT&T Business, Access Physicians’ care is more secure and reliable than ever.

    “Hospitals have dark corners where you can’t get a signal. We decided early on to always ship our device with multiple layers of redundancy.”

    Erica St. Angel, CTO of Access Physicians, a division of SOC Telemed

    Read more about how Access Physicians, a division of SOC Telemed, uses enterprise-grade mobility from AT&T Business.

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