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Enterprise-Grade Mobility

Published This article is more than 2 years old.
  • Retail therapy

    Revolutionizing retail requires more than a router. To keep things running smoothly, you need enterprise-grade mobility.

    • Connectivity to support transactions, communication, and inventory.
    • Integration with customers, vendors, systems, and HQ.
    • Control over settings, to meet a store’s specific needs.
    • Security for devices, finances, and data.

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  • Farming out security

    In 1954, Birkey’s Farm Store was a small-town shop selling agriculture and construction equipment. Today, with more than 400 employees, 18 locations, and 67 years of technological advances, their security needs have grown.

    Anonymous man working with digital tablet in a greenhouse.
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  • Enterprise-grade security

    To best serve their farming and construction customers, Birkey’s implemented enterprise-grade security solutions from AT&T Business to defend their network and the devices plugged into their network from cybersecurity threats:

    • SentinelOne® from AT&T, detects and defuses threats, and simplifies network management
    • MobileIron® Blue from AT&T, protects mobile assets and controls mobile devices 

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  • Confident connections

    With these reliable, scalable, user-friendly tools, AT&T Business offers Birkey’s leadership best-in-class support, critical insights for proactive security, and above all, peace of mind. That’s the power of enterprise-grade mobility.

    Read more about how Birkey’s Farm Store uses enterprise-grade security from AT&T Business.

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