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Enterprise-Grade Mobility

Electric car getting charged at station
  • Going green

    By 2030, experts predict that electric vehicles will make up 40% of the global auto market (Source: QZ)

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  • Charged Up

    Electric car gettig charged at an charging station

    Siemens needed a way to deliver alternative options for connectivity to their electric vehicle (EV) charging stations as EV infrastructure expands by the thousands in North America. The tech powerhouse used enterprise-grade mobility from AT&T Business to be able to update chargers’ software, process financial transactions, and monitor the charging equipment.

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  • Enterprise-Grade Connectivity

    By harnessing enterprise-grade connectivity from AT&T Business, Siemens is providing a smooth charging experience for electric vehicle drivers.

    Update software remotely
    This solution enables the Munich-based company to make software updates from anywhere.

    Process financial transactions
    When customers pay to use the electric charging stations services, financial transactions are transmitted over the network.

    Monitor charging equipment
    Each charging station’s power consumption is monitored across Siemens’ network of more than 75K stations in the US.

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  • People and Planet

    With enterprise-grade mobility from AT&T Business, Siemens can provide electric vehicle charging stations that are always connected so the stations are available when customers need them. Read the full story here.

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