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Enterprise-Grade Mobility in Banking

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    A smooth transition from an on-site to offsite company typically takes six to 12 weeks. But when Covid-19 created government-mandated quarantines, a Texas credit union had just four days to make the switch.

    *Source: Built-In

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    When AMOCO Federal Credit Union needed to send its 175 employees home, AT&T Business was ready to help. Within four days, AMOCO employees were taking member calls through AT&T-connected phones. Through the same phones, employees accessed banking, marketing, and other company systems on their computers. Using the AT&T wireless network, rather than employees’ home internet, enhanced operational speed, reliability, and security for AMOCO and its members.

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    This 4-day workaround came with just as many upsides for AMOCO, including:

    #1 Communicating with the credit union’s 87,000+ members seamlessly from virtually anywhere

    #2 Keeping company information highly secure

    #3 Maintaining employee productivity by increasing their at-home bandwidth

    #4 Avoiding furloughs and even hiring and training new employees virtually

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    With $1 billion in assets and a reputation for outstanding member care, AMOCO was there for its employees and members in a time of crisis. Read more about how AMOCO uses enterprise-grade mobility from AT&T Business.

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