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Elevating Reliability


    Howden makes rotating equipment like fans, compressors, blowers, and steam turbines. Companies in 120 countries use Howden equipment in industries like infrastructure, energy, wastewater, metals, mining, and transportation.

    Howden’s machinery is mission-critical, meaning unplanned outages are not an option. That’s why the company launched Howden Uptime, a cloud platform that gathers sensor data from rotating equipment to help customers perform early maintenance and improve operating performance.

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    How does Howden connect this sensor data from a client base spread across 120 countries? By using three solutions from AT&T Business:

    1. AT&T Global SIM and satellite services to deliver global connectivity
    2. AT&T Multi-Network Connect to monitor IoT-connected end points
    3. AT&T NetBond for a highly secure, private connection to the cloud

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    This collaboration with AT&T Business supports Howden and its clients.

    For Howden, it has:

    • Connected systems across 6 continents with comprehensive coverage
    • Saved the company countless hours in IT infrastructure development
    • Created a new revenue stream

    For Howden’s customers, it has:

    • Optimized equipment performance through easy-to-read dashboards
    • Reduced downtime and unplanned outages with proactive maintenance
    • Decreased on-site energy costs

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    Howden is constantly adapting its equipment to meet customer challenges. Now, Enterprise-grade mobility from AT&T Business is helping Howden deliver a new level of performance optimization to customers.

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