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Mobile internet in India is slower than in most Asian countries, including Pakistan

India Internet
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Moving slow.
  • Sangeeta Tanwar
By Sangeeta Tanwar

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Published This article is more than 2 years old.

India continues to be a laggard when it comes to internet speeds on its mobile and fixed broadband networks.

The country’s ranking on the Speedtest Global index for mobile internet speeds, slipped to 121 in April this year, compared with 120 in the previous month. The index is a monthly ranking of 138 countries, developed by the Seattle-based analytics firm Ookla.

India’s position on the index has been sliding since December last year, when it was ranked 108. This skid to 119 in January, dipped further to 120 in February and then stayed flat in March.

The steady descent on the Speedtest Global index shows that despite Reliance Jio’s entry and expansion, mobile internet speeds in the country remain sluggish. Average speeds of mobile downloads in the country stood at 10.06 Mbps in December 2018, improving only marginally to 10.71 Mbps in April this year.

Other countries in the region like China, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Pakistan fare better.

On the other hand, India fares much better in terms of fixed broadband download speeds.

The country managed to hold on to its 68th rank, among 179 countries, in Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index for fixed broadband in April. Download speeds in this category stood at 29.25 Mbps.

Though India ranks second in the region, broadband speeds here are still sluggish compared to China.

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