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From couture labels to indie brands, the Indian fashion industry is embracing cotton masks

Naga girls wearing face masks walk on a street in Kohima,
AP Photo/Yirmiyan Arthur
Wardrobe essential.
  • Manavi Kapur
By Manavi Kapur



With the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns, many Indian businesses were forced to sink or swim. But the virus that created the problem also unwittingly offered a lifevest to some business owners.

Cotton masks and face covers have become a necessary tool for surviving this pandemic, especially since their use is mandated by many state governments in India. And apparel brands, from everyday fashion to affordable prêt-à-porter, have all jumped on the bandwagon of making cotton masks.

Indie brands like Fabindia and Tjori are creating masks in beautiful block-prints and weaves, others like women’s workwear brand Fable Street have made masks in subtle prints and colors, and others still like designers Masaba Gupta and Payal Singhal have added their own aesthetic to make the humble cotton mask a fashion statement.

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