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Reuters/David Gray
Even he couldn’t resist looking.

The India-Pakistan cricket match was perfect—picture perfect

Even as the greatest rivalry in cricket was underway at the Adelaide Oval on Feb. 15, thousands of spectators at the India and Pakistan match were forced to—again and again—tear their eyes away from the green and stare above.

Not that the finest cricketers in the subcontinent weren’t entertaining enough. Star attraction Virat Kohli even scored a century and sealed India’s victory.

But all that glory had to be shared with Adelaide’s stunning sunset.

The sky changed its hues as the match progressed: from shades of orange to indigo to blue. It was almost as if the match was made for Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Some thought the orange sky, white floodlights and green field together formed the Indian national flag.

Quartz brings you some of the best pictures from yesterday’s match.

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