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Reuters/Lucas Jackson
Who needs a stylist when God is on your side?

Narendra Modi says his fashion sense is a gift from God

Jenni Avins
By Jenni Avins

senior lifestyle correspondent

An excerpt from a new biography of Narendra Modi confirms what we here at Quartz have long suspected about India’s PM: his fashion sense is divinely inspired.

“God has gifted me the sense of mixing and matching colors,” Modi says in Lance Price’s new book The Modi Effect: Inside Narendra Modi’s Campaign to Transform India. “So I manage everything on my own. Since I’m God gifted I fit well in everything. I have no fashion designer but I’m happy to hear that I dress well.”

He was born this way.

Modi’s sense of mixing and matching colors has brought a refreshing rainbow to the world political stage, and he grabbed headlines wearing a suit with his own name pin-striped through the fabric, over and over.

And his hats! The chapter excerpted by the Wall Street Journal is entitled “Brand Modi,” and describes Modi swag such as Bruce Springsteen-inspired t-shirts and his famous short-sleeved kurtas—apparently a practical alteration designed to cut down on laundry efforts and space requirements. But Modi’s stupendous assortment of headgear is conspicuously absent.

One can only hope it’s because they got their own chapter.

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