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Reuters/Rupak De Chowdhuri
India sees the highest number of expats on international secondment within APAC.

For expats, the smell of money beats the pollution and chaos in India

By Suneera Tandon

Expatriates in India are one wealthy lot.

Earning an average annual salary of $145,057, foreigners working in India are the third-highest paid in the world, a survey of 27,000 expats in 100 countries by financial services company HSBC revealed on Jan. 02.

India sees the highest number of expats on international secondment or assignments within the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Typically hailing from the US or the UK, they are largely employed in the manufacturing, finance, health, and IT sectors, HSBC said in its 2016 Expat Explorer survey released in April last year.

Be it financial prospects, job progression or skill development, there is nothing like India for most expats, particularly in comparison to other countries in the region.

Expats in India are more hopeful about their savings and investments than those in the other APAC countries.

However, their overall experience, which includes childcare, lifestyle, ease of settling in, and family life, remains average. India ranked 26 among 45 countries surveyed. Singapore was the topper.

Experience India’s ranking
Economics 23
Family 24
Working life 24
Overall experience 26
Lifestyle 40

In fact, in 2015, news of expats leaving the country due to acute levels of pollution highlighted such concerns. A 2015 survey by InterNations GmBH, a Germany-based expat social group, listed India as one of the ten worst places for expats.

Yet, India’s tag as a fast-growing major economy makes it more popular. If HSBC’s survey is anything to go by, there is nothing like India for expats. After all, here’s where the big bucks are!