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Mixed Reality

For over a decade now, we’ve widely accepted that consumer technology is a tool under our control. But it’s rapidly becoming clear that the tech we’ve taken for granted is altering the experience of being alive. From smartphones to cyborgs, there are startling innovations that have exciting (and sometimes troubling) implications for health, culture and identity. That’s especially the case when the lines between “real” and “fake” begin to blur, and we’re forced to accept a new, “mixed” reality.

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  • By the numbers

    • 619: Jira tickets created
    • 85: Number of bets Emily’s team took on this year
    • 23: Extremely tiny pull requests submitted by Emily
    • 5: Number of hats Emily has worn at Quartz
    • 2342: Times she found the question behind the question
    • One: Quartz
  • Things we love about Emily

    • “It’s impossible to find someone who defined what makes Quartz so great more than Emily! She’s insanely knowledgeable about literally everything and is eager to share that knowledge with anyone who needs help. Her whiteboard walkthrough of the different Quartz teams when I first started remains the way my brain pictures the entire company.”
    • “She’s a kick boxer (so you already know she’s kick-ass).”
    • “She has this magical ability to take what’s in my head and make it both real and better.”
    • “She makes everyone feel welcome!”
    • “Emily makes every project, launch, new product, or idea feel not only manageable but fun and exciting. She’s always hustling to get things done, but never forgets to keep the right people in the loop and never sacrifices quality or creativity for what’s easiest to execute. I will miss her dearly, and also my fellow Quartz colleague Clyde the tortoise.”
    • “She always brings the 🔥.”
    • “Whip-smart, positive, funny, and always keeps a cool head.”
    • “She always saw past what I was trying to say and found the better version of it. Nothing daunted her—or at least she’d never admit it. I don’t think I’ll ever find a better collaborator.”
    • “We have a joint love of Justin Bieber.”
  • Haiku: By the Pound

    Essen will not be
    The same without Emily
    And neither will Quartz

  • More things we love about Emily

    • “Emily is an incredibly empathetic colleague and amazing listener.”
    • “She makes sure we don’t neglect the app!”
    • “I like when you bring up an idea, and she gives this look of real concern like ‘Yes, this clearly dumb idea is worth considering’ even though you know as soon as you said it that it absolutely isn’t. Like, another person would just close their eyes and breathe deeply. But she at least pretends to be extremely sympathetic.”
    • “She tolerated my schtick.”
    • “She has the best last name EVER!”
    • “Emily is both thoughtful and badass and the best 🐯mom out there. Her cubs will miss her!”
    • “Emily can look at a problem for about two minutes and immediately understand all of the constraining factors and requirements for finding a solution, which she then usually comes up with in another two minutes. She’s never afraid to go for it, and I’ve tried to imitate that since we started working together. I also love her love of hot lunch buffets.”
    • “She’s both positive and constructive in meetings.”
    • “Emily has an inexhaustible supply of energy and empathy to think through ideas and problems.”
    • “She has an endless spirit of generosity.”
    • “She is my forever tiger mom.”
  • Haiku: Bargaining

    There will never be
    Another true Emily.
    Can you please stay here?

  • We’re incredibly happy for you and can’t wait to see what you do next!