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Marc Bain

Tarragon lemonade, New York City

By Marc Bain

I’m Quartz’s fashion reporter, and it was fashion, oddly enough, that drew me to the little Georgian bakery in New York where I snapped this. Food too: I would occasionally pass the bakery, and see the khachapuri, a doughy bread boat filled with cheese, egg, and butter, through the window. I was always planning to stop in, but never seemed to remember.

A few months before, Balenciaga had named Demna Gvasalia, the lead designer at Vetements, as its new creative director. Gvasalia is from Georgia—the country, not the state—and he was a big deal in fashion. I think something about him in the news that day prompted me to finally go get some khachapuri. I saw this tarragon lemonade soda and I had to try it. It was so unusual, I decided to take a picture.
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