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Johnny Simon
A badge of civic pride.

“I voted” sticker, New York City

Johnny Simon
By Johnny Simon

Deputy Photo Editor

For years, New York had no distinctive “I voted” sticker. Some precincts would hand out the boring, generic ovals with the American flag on them, but most of New York was without its own little badge of local cheer.

The NYC Campaign Finance Board began distributing a few designs in the past few elections but this one, designed by Marie Dagata and Scott Heinz, evoking the cult favorite Massimo Vignelli subway map from the 1970’s, really hits it out of the park.

I wore this badge of civic pride all day on Sept 13, 2017, the day of New York off-year primary election. As I walked home from the B train after work, a woman approached me and excitedly thanked me. For what? I asked. She had just realized she forgot to vote.

Thanks, sticker.

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