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Welcome to Quartzy, a new lifestyle and culture edition from Quartz

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Join us in our metaphorical conversation pit.
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Welcome to Quartzy, a new edition from Quartz, focused on living well in the global economy.  

If you already subscribe to Jenni Avins’ weekly newsletter of the same name, you’ll know that the Quartzy approach to lifestyle is about more than just how we spend our money; it’s about how we spend our time, energy, and attention.

Quartzy is concerned with the evolving idea of luxury, whether that means a Gucci handbag, a bunch of organic kale from the farmer’s market, or the moment when we put away our devices to sit down with family or friends over dinner. It’s also about the little things that make our lives better: game-changing packing tips, methods for wardrobe maintenance, and cocktail recipes among them.

In trying to capture what “the good life” means around the world, we think in terms of the luxuries that make our lives richer—aesthetically, intellectually, and emotionally. Those include, of course, fashion, travel, food, culture, design, entertainment, books, and technology. But we’re equally concerned with the intangibles, such as family, friendships, health, and living a considered life.

The site will be edited by Indrani Sen (who also edits Quartzy the newsletter) and our new global lifestyle editor, David Kaufman. We have expanded our reporting staff, hiring Annaliese Griffin to report on food, Rosie Spinks on travel, and Noël Duan on fashion and beauty. And you’ll find many of the usual suspects from Quartz’s existing culture and lifestyle coverage: Marc Bain on fashion, Anne Quito on design, Adam Epstein on TV and film, Thu-Huong Ha on books, Olivia Goldhill on philosophy and psychology, and of course Jenni.

Our new site also comes with an expanded social presence: You’ll find us on both Instagram and Facebook. (While you’re on Facebook, say hey to Quartzy’s cultural companion chat bot in Messenger.)

Among the offerings on our site today, you’ll find:

Stay tuned for more ahead, and have a great day!

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