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Every gift guide you need, all in one place

Irinn Vinaiphat / Quartzy
  • Quincey Tickner
By Quincey Tickner

Associate Growth Editor

Published Last updated on This article is more than 2 years old.

Right now, the internet is overflowing with gift guides—daunting to navigate in these frantic days of holiday shopping. To make life a little easier, we put all our Quartz and Quartzy 2017 gift guides in one place: right here.

The gift of good TV:

Win your Secret Santa exchange:

  • If you’re in the market for stocking-stuffers, or just want to win your office Secret Santa, we have your gift guide for 10 distinctive, memorable gifts under $10.

Books for every taste:

A tip for finding the best gifts from your travels:

Why you should buy your partner a sex toy:

The perfect political holiday gift:

A philosophical approach to gift-giving:

The art of giving, explored through five emblematic approaches that offer a framework for conceiving of great gifts forevermore.

  • A pair of black jeans illustrate that surprise is way overrated.
  • fancy candle is the ultimate luxury gift: an utterly unnecessary object that makes life feel a bit more elegant, cozy, or calm.
  • pasta-making class is the gift of a shared experience.
  • handwritten love letter, or letter of appreciation to a dear friend, will be treasured more than anything money can buy.
  • And a bundle of chocolate-sea-salt cookies shows you care enough to make something yourself.

And if you left it all until the last minute:

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