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Korean dishes to warm up with during the bitterly cold Olympics

Hannah Yi
By Hannah Yi

Video Journalist

It’s brutally cold at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Strong winds postponed the women’s giant slalom event, while some competitors in the women’s snowboard slopestyle final said the event should have been canceled for the same reason.

But at least athletes and spectators can take comfort in hearty Korean dishes designed to keep the body warm, even in sub-zero temperatures. Restaurants serve piping hot bowls of Korean “hangover” soup, a savory beef bone broth that’s simmered for hours. Street vendors sell fresh-off-the-grill pancakes with a sugary filling (half the satisfaction comes from seeing your hot breath after you take a bite), and fried shrimp.

Watch our video to see other Korean dishes on offer in and around the Olympics.

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