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REUTERS/Charles Platiau
L’Oréal Paris was the most talked-about beauty brand of the year.

Beauty brands may be buzzy—but they’re just 5% of the social media chatter

By Noël Duan

According to a new luxury brands report from social media analytics firm Netbase, beauty brands made up only 5% of the conversation on social media in 2017—but their conversations were among the buzziest. At almost 4 million mentions, L’Oréal surpassed its closest competitor, Estée Lauder at 1.4 million mentions, by more than twice on platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram (the main priority for visuals-centric beauty brands). Unfortunately, this spike in L’Oréal’s mentions isn’t due to enthusiasm for its eyeshadow—the brand’s timeline shows that the August sacking of transgender spokesmodel, Munroe Bergdorf, propelled L’Oréal to the top.