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The perfect Spotify playlist for watching Friday’s lunar eclipse

Dancing in the moonlight.
Reuters/Aly Song
It’s a marvelous night for a moondance.
By Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

On the night of July 27, some lucky people around the world will be able to watch the 21st century’s longest lunar eclipse, a “blood moon” that will last one hour and 43 minutes.

While the eclipse will only be visible from parts of Africa, Europe, and South America, the moon is top of mind for many of us this week. And as Quartz’s Ephrat Livni points out, the moon is “always awesome, whether it’s a sliver or full and bright.”

So whether or not you have a view of the eclipse, we’ve put together a the perfect playlist for moongazing. Head to your nearest rooftop or backyard, crack open a beer, and bask in some of the best moon-inspired tunes that Earth has produced. From Beethoven to Kid Cudi, we promise there’s something for everyone.

Check out the entire Spotify playlist here.

Classical moon songs

Does looking at the sky remind you of your own insignificance? These songs are for those who like to adopt a brooding, contemplative mood when thinking about the moon.

Clair de Lune—Claude Debussy

Moonlight Sonata—Ludwig van Beethoven 

Nocturne No.13 in C Minor, Op.48 No.1—Frédéric Chopin

Moon jazz, and various iconic moon songs

If the moon puts you in the mood for love:

Moon River—(Andrè Rieu’s version from Breakfast at Tiffany’s) 

That’s Amore—Dean Martin

Moon River—Frank Ocean’s cover 

Fly Me to the Moon—Frank Sinatra version

Blue Moon—Billie Holiday version

It’s Only a Paper Moon—Ella Fitzgerald version

Moonlight Becomes You—Chet Baker

Moon (soft, hard, and classic) rock and folk

Upbeat, funky, and croony music for your moondance.

Walking on the Moon—The Police

Dancing in the Moonlight—King Harvest

Harvest Moon—Neil Young

Pink Moon—Nick Drake

Space Oddity—David Bowie

Moonage Daydream—David Bowie

Moondance—Van Morrison

Mistério do Planeta—Novos Baianos

Moon rap, pop, and R&B 

The moon continues to inspire artists today.

Man on the Moon—Kid Cudi

Spaceship—Kanye West

All the Stars—SZA and Kendrick Lamar

Orange Moon—Erykah Badu

Many Moons—Janelle Monáe

Honeymoon—Lana Del Rey

Interstellar contemporary

Imagine the Hubble images as music.

Cosmos II—Murcof 

Coulor of Moonlight—Grimes

A story about the moon

Not really a music person? Totally fine. This podcast tells the delightful tale of “Qfwfq” and his crew, who jump between Earth and moon, and “sometimes hover in the nether reaches of gravity between the two.”

The Distance of the Moon—A short story by Italo Calvino on Radiolab

An earlier version of this article said the moon will be visible in North America. It will not, save for a slice of Newfoundland. 

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