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Kanye West is trying to say something about slavery on Twitter. His fans just want the album

REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn
  • Annaliese Griffin
By Annaliese Griffin

Editor of the Quartz Daily Obsession

Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Kanye West treated Saturday Night Live viewers to a puzzling performance over the weekend, performing one song while in a water bottle costume, wearing a red Make America Great Again hat, and then launching into a pro-Trump speech at the end of the show when performers usually mill about on the stage hugging.

He was also supposed to release a new album titled “Yandhi” on Saturday, and performed three songs from it on SNL instead. On Sunday, West, or Ye as he calls himself on Twitter, launched into an even more confusing argument about ending slavery by abolishing the 13th Amendment—which made slavery illegal.

While some fans pressed West on his puzzling affection for Trump, and others professed their continuing love for his enduring weirdness, most wanted one thing only: The album.

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