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Cassie Werber
Still great, even without the vodka.

A mocktail that’s actually worth sipping

Cassie Werber
By Cassie Werber


I didn’t give up alcohol altogether during my pregnancy, but drank a lot less than usual. I missed it, but I’m not a fan of most non-alcoholic “mocktails,” which tend to be too sweet for me.

There was one exception. The Virgin Mary not only has a clever name, it’s a seriously lovely drink. I was already a fan of Felicity Cloake’s “perfect” Bloody Mary (which uses horseradish-infused vodka and the genius trick of adding a little sherry for extra silkiness). And I found it still delicious without the booze.

Since my virgin version doesn’t have the horseradish-infused vodka, I added a dash from a jar of horseradish. I also departed from Cloake by leaving the ice in. I like the way the melting cubes keep the glass cold and delicately dilute the drink.

Drink one when you’re making a person at the same time as making brunch, or any sunny weekend morning.

A perfect Virgin Mary

Ingredients for one drink:

4 oz good quality tomato juice

A generous dash Tabasco sauce

A generous dash Worcestershire sauce

A dab of jarred prepared horseradish

A wedge of lemon

Celery salt

Black pepper

A stick of celery


Pour the tomato juice over ice and add the Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and horseradish. Lightly squeeze a wedge of lemon, leaving most of the juice still in, and drop it into the glass. Season with black pepper and celery salt, and stir it all together with a stick of celery.

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