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The best worst presents in the Amazon Father’s Day gift guide
Find something just for him.
By Corinne Purtill
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Father’s Day is June 16 in most countries and you know what that means—the Amazon Father’s Day Gift Shop is open for business!

As with its Mother’s Day gift guide, Amazon has organized its gift suggestions under broad categories like “Dapper Dad,” “the Outdoorsy Dad,” and “Hipster Dad” (where the top recommended item is Reef flip-flops with built-in bottle opener.)

But a look through the countless gifts within show that Amazon is selling itself short. There are presents for every kind of father in every situation. Scroll through the algorithm’s picks for the gift that tells your dad: I see you.

For the dad who takes Taco Tuesdays extremely seriously

Nuni tortilla toaster, $64.99

For the dad who will give up his pocket digital camera when you pry it from his cold dead hands

SanDisk 256GB memory card, $59.99

For the dad who has been struggling to find his groove since the divorce 

ADVPRO personalized neon home bar sign, $26.99 + $11.99 shipping

For the dad who is actually a hungry bear trying to lure men into his cave

“Man Cave” wood sign, $19.99 + $3.99 shipping

For the dad who is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and will look at this and be like, “Hey! That’s not my number! What a classic gag!”

Personalized New England Patriots wall poster, $21.95

For the dad whose only gifts to you growing up were junk he got for free at the office, so he can see how it feels

Simple Modern Ascent stainless steel water bottle, $8.99-$34.99

For the dad who has no face

Personalized coffee mug, $14.99

For the dad currently trapped in the trunk of a car 

Engraved tactical rescue knife, $19.99 + $5.45 shipping

For the dad whose concert promoting side hustle is finally starting to take off

ADJ Products LED lighting, $166.82

For the dad whose kitchen faucet you broke on your last visit

Delta Faucet Talbott single-handle kitchen faucet, $244.34

For the dad who enjoys novelty beer koozies, or who is one of the tiny plastic soldiers in Toy Story

Military tactical vest beverage cooler, $9.99

For the dad who mugs people but in, like, a festive way

Personalized laser engraved pocket knife, $12.95 + $4.49 shipping

For the dad who insists that Juicero got a bad rap

Bibo Barmaid smart cocktail machine, $99.99

For the dad who is also celebrating the anniversary of the time he took down a wild boar with nothing but a knife and his bare hands

Brass Honcho engraved pocket knife, $58.98

For the dad who knows exactly what the club policy is about alcohol on the green, dammit, he just doesn’t care

Visol personalized flask with leather wrap, $22.92

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