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Is your company on a mission?

A look at our first-ever Quartz competition.Preview the application

A contest with a purpose

Quartz gets small business. Independently owned and clocking in at just about 100 employees, we understand the unique opportunity of creating big change through the combined force of a passionate team and a clear mission — make business better™.

That’s why we, along with our partner T-Mobile for Business, wanted to support the purpose-driven professionals who rely on Quartz to stay on top of trends impacting their industries and workforces and to advocate for the company leaders who are curious about new ways of doing business that are more sustainable, innovative, and inclusive.

Starting on September 13, 2021—the first day of National Small Business Week—submissions opened for the first-ever Quartz competition. After the entry window ended on October 15, 2021, we then selected one small business, Vera Solutions, based on the responses to the online questionnaire below and broadcasted their mission through free ad space across our platform as well as a cash award.

The prize package included:

  • $10,000 from Quartz to put towards your company’s growth

  • Access to Quartz’s 4.4M US readers through a digital distribution suite, including

    • 1 co-branded display ad package that will run across on
    • 1 co-branded placement in each of our 5 popular newsletters
    • Design, copywriting, and engineering resources for your display and email promotions from Quartz’s award-winning in-house studio Quartz Creative

See full, official contest rules here.


Was my company eligible?

To participate, your organization must

  1. be organized as a for-profit entity; no non-profit organizations will be eligible for a prize
  2. be duly organized and validly existing as a domestic US company
  3. be headquartered in the US
  4. be in operation for at least twelve (12) months
  5. have either completed at least one (1) sale of goods or services or can demonstrate a non-monetary level of operation
  6. have between 1 and 499 full-time permanent employees

Why should my company participate?

Being the winner of Quartz’s Small Business Big Mission contest helped potential customers and employees across the globe to understand your company’s product, service, and values.

What did it cost to participate?

Participation in the online questionnaire below was free.

What was the deadline for 2021 submissions?

A company representative must have completed and submitted the online questionnaire below by October 15, 2021.

When will I find out if my company won?

Quartz announced the winner and distributed prize money in October 2021 and published the winner’s email promotion and display ads in Q1 2022.

Submission form

Thank you to our partner