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Cynthia Jaggi

Cynthia Jaggi

Global Strategist and Partner at Living Economy

My life work is to co-create a living economy with people and planet at the center.

Lean Start-up named me a Lead Ambassador for my work bringing lean to the intersection of business, finance + social impact. I founded GatherWell to help purpose-driven Entrepreneurs grow. I Co-Founded Living Economy Advisors, a regenerative business development company. I am an options trader, mother and tea lover.

I was formerly a Partner at the Inc 5000 Management Consulting firm Fitzgerald Analytics. Fitzgerald Analytics developed a unique analytics-based consulting model which repeatedly generated multi-million-dollar gains for clients. Clients included Fortune 500 companies primarily in the financial services and automotive sectors. I also chaired the Advisory Board on Client Data Management for Catholic Charities USA whose network administers more than $720 million in social services a year.