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The 9-to-5 workday isn’t just hated—it’s obsolete

REUTERS/Albert Gea
We invented the 9-to-5, and we could change it.
  • Katherine Goffeney
By Katherine Goffeney


Published Last updated on This article is more than 2 years old.

Does anybody like the modern work day? Getting out of bed and to the office by eight in the morning. Staying until five. Five days a week. With two rest days. Then back at it again. Every week.

Do we really like that?

Because we sure do complain about it a lot. It’s embedded in the language we use around an office and when talking about offices. We see it stamped on oversized coffee mugs and repeated endlessly in movies and TV shows. Everybody hates Mondays. Wednesday Hump Day. TGIF. And what about staying in the office for eight or nine hours straight? Given that the “Afternoon Slump” is a thing, I’d say there are people who find it challenging.

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