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Welcome to FWD: Thinking, a Quartz podcast about recreating your career

By Khe Hy
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Most of us in the workforce have felt that itch, that yearning to do something different at some point in our career. But then comes the inevitable questions: What would I do? Do I have the skills? Is it too risky? Can I afford to change my job?

I’m excited to announce FWD: Thinking (Apple Podcast, Google PodcastSpotify and Stitcher), Quartz at Work’s new podcast about bold professionals who have challenged the status quo to recreate their careers.

The podcast is inspired, in part, by my decision to leave Wall Street after nearly 15 years. I was 35 years old—and despite having checked off many of the boxes of “professional success,” my work life felt like it was on autopilot. The days were dull and predictable, devoid of any creativity and meaning. So I took the leap with no real plan—other than to reinvent myself.

I’ll be talking to gutsy people who’ve rejected tradition, took a risk, and reinvented their work lives. There’s Brad Katsuyama, the lead character in Michael Lewis’s Flash Boys, who quit his trading job and create a fairer stock exchange. And Manoush Zomorodi, who launched a women-led podcast company after sexual harassment allegations rocked WNYC.

I hope you’ll listen to the podcast, join in on the conversation, and share it with friends.

Best wishes for a inspired career,

Khe Hy (@khemaridh)

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