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Bon Appétit/YouTube
Claire Saffitz is a workplace role model.

Bon Appétit’s Gourmet Makes is a great way to learn how to be productive at work

Daniel Wolfe
By Daniel Wolfe

Things reporter

Even if you’re not interested in making Twix or Peeps at home, Gourmet Makes, the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen video series about recreating processed foods from scratch, is jam-packed with strategies to make your life at work better.

The show is premised on chef Claire Saffitz’s reverse engineering of classic packaged foods. In each episode she recreates a single item—Snickers bars, Doritos, Cheetos—using store-bought ingredients and regular kitchen tools. Along the way she consistently proves it takes more than following a recipe to get a job done right.

Here’s how she’s finding success in her workplace, and how you can do the same to find success in yours.

You can find “Gourmet Makes” on Bon Appétit’s website. Shows are also available on YouTube.