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How to make an impression when you work remotely

Reuters/Romeo Ranoco
The home office hustle.
  • Kristen Ruttgaizer
By Kristen Ruttgaizer

director of human resources, Igloo Software

Published Last updated on This article is more than 2 years old.

The option to work remotely is a huge draw for employees today. With commutes averaging nearly half an hour each way in the US, working from the comfort of home, a local coffee shop, or nearby co-working space is a perk now enjoyed by nearly half of the US workforce.

But businesses—which also benefit from flexible remote-work policies by reducing the overhead costs that come with physical office space—are struggling to address the collaboration challenges their remote employees faces.

Software company Igloo, where I work, recently surveyed 2,000 employees to gauge the state of the digital workforce in a new report. Our data indicates that over half of remote workers have been left out of important meetings, and more than two-thirds say they deal with challenges they would not encounter in an office setting.

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